The Wonderful South Korea

images (1)There are lots of beautiful countries in the world. One of my favorite countries is South Korea. I’ve always wanted to go there for my vacation. I love to the culture of spicy food in Korea. Most of the food there is spicy because most of the population likes to eat spicy food. One of the spicy foods is buldalk. In English we call it fire chicken. It is called fire chicken because it’s really hot. I personally like ramen – kind of noodle – and bibimbap – Korean mixed rice. It tasted amazing.

Other thing about the culture is the clothes. The traditional clothe there is hanbok. It’s a dress consist of a shirt and a skirt. They usually pair it with accessories. When you go to Korea, it is a must for you to try wearing hanbok even if it’s only for taking a picture. Most of the people in Korea have a fair skin. They like to wear a natural make up rather than wearing a heavy make up like American style in make up.

There are lots of places to go in South Korea. Seoul is the capital of South Korea. The things there are expensive because it’s the main city. There’s also Jeju Island, which is the largest island and the main island of Jeju Province of South Korea. It is known for its beauty and many interesting places too like Manjanggul Lava Tube and Jeju Teddy Bear Museum. Cities like Busan, Daegu, Seoul and others, each have a different dialect.

Korean traditional houses are called Hanok. A house should be built against a hill and face south to receive as much sunlight as possible. This orientation is still used in modern Korea too. The wealthier a family is, the larger the house will be. Modern Korea nowadays live in a normal house built in brick and cement while in the past the most common materials for building a house is clay and wood.

Talking about South Korea, the type of music there is also different. The name of type of music is K-Pop. If you are a Kpopers you must know Bangtan Sonyeondan or also known as Bangtan Boys or BTS. I personally am an A.R.M.Y, which is a name for BTS’ fans. BTS is the most popular boy band in South Korea now. They are having a tour, which is called Wings Tour and just released a Japanese version of one of their songs ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’. They consist of 7 members. They have won many awards and they will be attending ‘Billboard Music Awards’ on May 21, 2017. One of the girl bands is Girl’s Generation. They are more of an older and senior girl band. I love South Korea so much that I can live there forever and never came back but still I also love my country for its beauty and the amazing things there.


The Library

One of my favorite places to be at school is the library. I love to calm myself there by reading books. It’s located on the second floor of my school. There are lots of variations of books provided. School books such as subject books and the workbooks are also provided to guide the teachers in S__7536791teaching but sometimes the students can also take borrow it when they forgot their books or just for a reference. We can’t write anything in the books because it’s not ours and we only borrow it.

I don’t know when I start to like the library. It feels like I can relax there by reading books. Sometimes I would bring my own books and read it there. I like a place that is peaceful like library. I don’t really like a crowded place. There are lots of books in the library, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction. I like fiction books more than nonfiction. The books are arranged in numbers given in each section. It is well arranged so we can find the books easily. There are also books like bible, music books and books about religion.

The place to read is also good. Each table would have four seats. We are not allowed to be noisy in the library. It also has four air conditioner. It would be very cold if the four of them were turned on so the librarian will only turn two air conditioner. I know almost all of the librarians from year to years since I was primary three. The librarian is nice and she know my name so if I go there, I would greet her and she would greet me back in more of a friendly way. I used to go there with my friend but if I feel like I want to be alone, I would go there by myself.

There are more story books than other kinds of book because it’s more of a library for the primary students. Not all of the books are in English, some of them are in Indonesia and some of them are in Chinese but not much. There are also some printing of names of magical places like Hogwarts and Neverland. We can also measure our height there with the measuring height that’s sticking on the wall. There are some rules that was stuck on the wall too. The photos of our president and vice president are hanged on the wall together with the Garuda.

It’s really rare to see the library crowded and it’s good to make it more peaceful. I used to come to the library when I had free time like break time or after school. To borrow the books, we also need an ID card. The librarian will scan it to know what book you’ll borrow and the book must be returned in a period of one week or else you’ll be fined. You can come to here if you like books and want to read our books in the library. Learning new things is fun.

An Extraordinary Experience (Pengalaman Luar Biasa)

By Gavrila Chelsie

English Ver.

Do you know Kampung Gajah Wonderland? Have you ever go there? Kampung Gajah Wonderland is located in Cihideung, Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat. Thursday, on 27 of April 2017, my friends and I went there for a field trip or you can say a study tour. It was such a nice place to visit. In this article, you will know what’s in there, some of the attractions you might try and my experience of going there.

What’s in there?

There are some wonderful places to visit there. The first place we went is the mini zoo. There are many animals there such as iguanas, squirrels, rabbits, guinea pigs and others. There are also birds, some can fly and some can’t. You can feed the rabbits and guinea pigs there with the veggies provided. The veggies are not free so you should pay for Rp10.000,- to feed them. Not far from the mini zoo, there are some attractions too. Some of them are challenging like ‘Ghost House’ and some of them are attractions to refresh your mind and see the landscape there like ‘Family Buggy’. Lastly, we went to Waterboom. The Waterboom has slides and many kinds of pools such as ‘Wave Pool’. It’s really fun to play there.

Interesting attractions

We played a lot of fun attractions. First, there’s ‘Tubby’, which is an attraction where we sit on a tyre and it will slide down the hill. It’s so fun to play and you can feel the breeze of the cold wind. There’s also a big car that fit 8 or more people in it. 2 of them have a super hero on it, Iron Man and Batman, and the other one is in the shape of an elephant. We rode the Iron Man one because it’s the most eye catching. Moreover, we then went to the ‘Ghost House’. Inside the ‘Ghost House’ my friend, who was the first one that was excited about going there, was screaming a lot until the end of the attraction and almost cried. We rode ‘Family Buggy’ with one of our teachers. It was fun and that one friend that was scared of the ‘Ghost House’ scream and told the ‘Ghost House’ that she’s not afraid of it. We were laughing at her but she doesn’t care. Furthermore, we rode a car to play ‘Sky Rider’. It’s a flying fox. Unfortunately one of my friend can’t join because of her weight. We still played without her. Lastly, we played ‘Go Cart’. It was fun if you can ride it fast. It was my first time too to ride that.

My experience

It was fun to go to Kampung Gajah Wonderland. When we were in the mini zoo, 3 of the monkeys went out of their cage and attack several of my friends but some of them also naughty that they got on my friend’s back and stayed for a long time. It was so funny. We rode ‘Family Buggy’ without one of my friend because of the car was out of space. We also almost left behind when we’re going to the Waterboom because we were playing ‘Go Cart’. We made a chain when we were in the ‘Wave Pool’ but I separated myself from them. It’s too crowded and I don’t really like it. In the end I joined one of the grade 7 students. It was nice to know more people.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Indonesian Ver.

Apakah kalian tahu Kampung Gajah Wonderland? Apakah kalian pernah pergi kesana? Kampung Gajah Wonderland terletak di Cihideung, Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat. Kamis, tanggal 27 April 2017, teman-teman saya dan saya pergi ke sana untuk kunjungan fieldtrip atau Anda dapat mengatakan sebuah studi tur. Kampung Gajah Wonderland adalah tempat yang bagus untuk dikunjungi. Dalam artikel ini, kalian akan tahu apa saja yang ada di sana, beberapa wahana yang mungkin Anda coba dan pengalaman saya saat pergi ke sana.

Ada apa saja di sana?

Ada beberapa tempat indah untuk dikunjungi di sana. Tempat pertama yang kami kunjungi adalah kebun binatang mini. Ada banyak hewan di sana seperti iguana, tupai, kelinci, guinea pig dan lainnya. Di sana ada juga burung, ada yang bisa terbang dan ada yang tidak bisa. Kalian bisa memberi makan kelinci dan guinea pig di sana dengan sayuran yang disediakan. Sayuran itu tidak gratis jadi kalian harus membayar Rp10.000, – untuk memberi mereka makan. Tak jauh dari kebun binatang mini, ada beberapa atraksi juga. Beberapa dari mereka menantang seperti ‘Rumah Hantu’ dan beberapa di antaranya adalah atraksi untuk menyegarkan pikiran Anda dan melihat bentang alam di sana seperti ‘Family Buggy‘. Terakhir, kami pergi ke Waterboom. Waterboom itu memiliki perosotan dan berbagai jenis kolam renang seperti ‘Wave Pool’. Sangat menyenangkan bermain di sana.

Atraksi menarik

Kami bermain banyak atraksi yang menyenangkan. Pertama, ada ‘Tubby’, yang merupakan permainan dimana kita duduk di ban dan akan meluncur menuruni bukit. Permaina itu sangatlah menyenangkan dan kalian bisa merasakan hembusan angin dingin. Ada juga mobil besar yang muat untuk 8 atau lebih orang di dalamnya. 2 dari mereka memiliki pahlawan super di atasnya, Iron Man dan Batman, dan yang lainnya berbentuk seekor gajah. Kami mengendarai Iron Man karena ini yang paling menarik perhatian kami. Setelah itu, kami lalu pergi ke ‘Rumah Hantu’. Di dalam ‘Rumah Hantu’, temanku yang merupakan orang pertama yang bersemangat pergi ke sana, menjerit-jerit sampai akhir permainan dan hampir menangis. Kami mengendarai ‘Family Buggy‘ bersama salah satu guru kami. Itu sangat menyenangkan dan salah satu temanlu yang takut dengan ‘Ghost House’ teriak dan mengatakan kepada ‘Rumah Hantu’ itu bahwa dia tidak takut dengannya. Kami menertawakannya tapi dia tidak peduli. Selanjutnya, kami mengendarai mobil untuk bermain ‘Sky Rider’. Itu adalah flying fox. Sayangnya salah satu teman saya tidak bisa bergabung karena berat badannya. Kami masih bermain tanpa dia. Terakhir, kami memainkan ‘Go Cart’. Sangat menyenangkan jika kalian bisa mengendarainya dengan cepat. Ini adalah pertama kalinya saya mengendarainya.

Pengalaman saya

Sangat menyenangkan pergi ke Kampung Gajah Wonderland. Ketika kami berada di kebun binatang mini, 3 monyet keluar dari kandang mereka dan menyerang beberapa teman saya tapi beberapa di antaranya juga nakal sampai mereka menaiki punggung teman saya dan tinggal untuk waktu yang lama. Kejadian itu sangat lucu. Kami mengendarai ‘Family Buggy‘ tanpa salah satu temanku karena mobilnya sudah tidak mua. Kita juga hampir ditinggal saat kita mau menuju Waterboom karena kita sedang bermain ‘Go Cart’. Kami membuat rantai saat berada di ‘Wave Pool’ tapi aku memisahkan diriku dari mereka. Mereka terlalu ramai dan saya tidak terlalu menyukainya. Akhirnya saya bergabung dengan salah satu siswa kelas 7. Senang rasanya mengenal lebih banyak orang.

“Satu-satunya sumber pengetahuan adalah pengalaman.”


Microsoft Excel (Part 2)

Hello again! Like I said before, I will share 2 or more post. This in the continuation of the previous post so you have to read the previous post before you read this post. Hope you can learn something from my blog.

Basic Formulae

A formula is a set of mathematical instructions that can be used in Excel to perform calculations. It starts with an equal to (=) sign.

There are many elements to and excel formulae.

  • References: The cell or range of cells that you want to use in your calculation
  • Operators: Symbols (+, -, *, /, etc.) that specify the calculation to be performed
  • Constants: Numbers or text values that do not change
  • Functions: Predefined formulas in Excel

Arithmetic operators

= : To start typing a formula; equal to

+ : Addition – Subtraction * Multiplication / Division

^ : Exponentiation

; (colon) or , (comma) : Reference operator

( and ) (parentheses) : To open and close the group of formula or to change the order of evaluation

<, >, <=, >=, <> : Comparison: less than, greater than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, not equal to


Charts allow you to present information contained in the worksheet in a graphic format. Excel offers many types of charts including: Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, Scatter and more.  To view the charts available click the Insert Tab on the Ribbon.

Create a Chart

To create a chart:

  • Select the cells that contain the data you want to use in the chart
  • Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon
  • Click the type of Chart you want to create



Modify a Chart

Once you have created a chart you can do several things to modify the chart.

To move the chart:

  • Click the chart and drag it another location on the same worksheet, or
  • Click the Move Chart button on the Design tab
  • Choose the desired location (either a new sheet or a current sheet in the workbook)


To modify the labels and titles:

  • Click the Chart
  • On the Layout tab, click the Chart Title or the Data Labels button
  • Change the Title and click Enter


Chart Tools

The Chart Tools appear on the Ribbon when you click on the chart. The tools are located on three tabs:  Design, Layout, and Format.

Within the Design tab you can control the chart type, layout, styles, and location.


Within the Layout tab you can control inserting pictures, shapes and text boxes, labels, axes, background, and analysis.


Within the Format tab you can modify shape styles, word styles and size of the chart.


A Functions is a pre-defined formula for performing a particular task.

Functions -Form -Description

  • SUM

=SUM(starting cell:ending cell)

Adds all the numbers in a range of cells.

  • MAX

=MAX(starting cell:ending cell)

Finding the largest value from given series of numbers.

  • MIN

=MIN(starting cell:ending cell)

Finding the smallest value from a set of values.


=AVERAGE(starting cell:ending cell)

Returns the average of series of numbers


=COUNT(starting cell:ending cell)

Counts the number of selected cells that contain data.

Actually there are more functions but for now, I will only tell a few. Hope this information can help you.

Microsoft Excel (Part 1)

Hi guys… It’s been a while. So I’ve learn more about Microsoft Excel and I want to share my knowledge with you. I’m not really active for blogging because I have no topics to share with you but today I will share 2 or more post.XD Enjoy!

Microsoft Excel made from spreadsheet that consists of grid made of rows and columns. Microsoft Excel is an example for a spreadsheet program. A spreadsheet program allows presenting information in a clear and concise manner, and can be used to perform mathematical calculations. Excel allows you to convert the spreadsheet data into various charts such as Bar, Pie, 2D, and 3D.

Terms that is commonly used in a Spreadsheet.

  • Worksheet (Spreadsheet) refers to a row and column matrix sheet. They are used to list, organize, and calculate data.
  • Workbook is the files that are used in a spreadsheet. These are the files in which you work and store your data. Workbooks are made up of worksheets or spreadsheets. By default any new workbook contains three worksheets (sheet 1, sheet 2, and sheet 3).
  • Cell is the basic unit in a spreadsheet. Intersection of a row and column is called a cell. A cell can contain a value, a formula or a text entry. To refer to a cell, enter the column letter followed by the row number. This reference is called a cell re

Example: A10, A refers to the column and 10 refer to a row.

  •  Active Cell or Selected Cell

When you select a cell by clicking on it with a mouse or move towards it using the keyboard, it becomes an active cell. It has a dark border around it. This is the cell where the insertion point is located.

  • Row and Columns

The horizontal lines of cells are called rows. The vertical lines of cells are called columns. An Excel worksheet has 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns. The rows are numbered from top to bottom. They are numbered 1, 2, 3, … 1,048,576. These are called row headers. The columns are labeled from left to right and are named A, B, … XFD,. These are called column headers. The last column of worksheet is IV, the 16,384th column.

Advantages of Excel

There are several advantage in using excel.

  1. Entering data is fast.
  2. It is easy to apply any change to data.
  3. Formulae automatically recalculate the result when the data value changes.
  4. Calculations are easy and accurate.
  5. Large amount of data can be handled easily.
  6. Data can be represented graphically through various charts.


  • Rename Worksheet

On the Sheet tab bar, right-click the sheet tab -> Rename ->  type new name.

  • Color Worksheet

On the Sheet tab bar, right-click the sheet tab -> Tab color -> choose color

  • Delete Worksheet

On the Sheet tab bar, right-click the sheet tab -> Delete

  • Add Worksheet

On the Sheet tab bar, click on Insert Worksheet

Entering Data in Excel

Types of Data

In an Excel worksheet, we can enter the following types of data:

  1. Numbers
  2. Text
  3. Formulae

Inserting Cell, Rows, and Column

Place the cursor in the row below where you want the new row, or in the column to the left of where you want the new column -> right-click on mouse -> Insert… -> click the appropriate choice: Cell, Row,  or Column.

Deleting Cell, Rows, and Column

Place the cursor in the cell, row, or column that you want to delete -> right-click on mouse -> Delete… -> click the appropriate choice: Cell, Row, or Column.

Resizing column width and row height

Move the cursor to the dividing line between two columns or rows so the resize arrow mark

appear , click and drag to the left or right side for column width and up or down for row height as required. Double click for autofit. OR

Home tab -> Cells group -> Format -> Row Height… or Column Width…

Merging Cell

Select range of cells -> Home tab -> Alignment group -> Merge & Center

Format Cell: Date 

Right-click on mouse -> Format Cells… -> Date -> click the appropriate choice OR

Right-click on mouse -> Format Cells… -> Custom -> type the type of date you want, example dddd, d mmmm yyyy.

Cell References

A reference identifies a cell or a range of cells on worksheet and tells Microsoft Excel where to look for the values or data you want to use in a formula. With references, you can use data contained in different parts of a worksheet in one formula or use the value from one cell in several formulae.

To refer to a range of cells, enter the reference for the cell in the upper-left corner of the range, a colon (:), and then the reference to the cell in the lower-right corner of the range. The following are examples of references.

To refer to

The cell in column A and row 10 = A10

The range of cells in column A and rows 10 through 20 = A10:A20

The range of cells in row 15 and columns B through E = B15:E15

All cells in row 5 = 5:5

All cells in columns H through J = H:J

All cells in columns A to E and rows 10 to 20 = A10:E20

To be continued….

HTML(part 2)

Well, I’m gonna continue the post before about HTML. I’m going to tell and show you what’s a  structure of a HTML web page look like and also the tags that are used in making HTML.

Structure of HTML


A HTML program begins by the tag <HTML>.  This tag tells the browser that this is the start of the HTML program. The closing tag in the HTML program is </HTML>. This tag tells the browser that this is the end of the HTML document.


The head tag is opened and closed by the <Head> and </Head>.  The browser won’t display this header information.


The title tag specifies the title of the web page.  It is opened and closed by the <Title> and </Title> tags. This title appears in the title bar of the browser window.


The body contains the main content of a document.  It is opened and closed by the <Body> and </Body> tags. It contains all the text and images that make up the page, together with the HTML element that control/format page.



Attributes of Body Tag


Tags can have attributes . Attributes can provide additional information about the HTML elements on the web page.


  • Bgcolor


Bgcolor attribute gives the specified background color to the document.

<body bgcolor=“yellow”>

  • Background


To set an image in the background of the file that will be tiled across the browser window.  Image with gif and jpeg extension can be used.




 <body background=“location/filename.gif”>


Heading are defined with the <h1> to <h6> tags. The <h1> tag defines the largest heading. The <h6> tag defines the smallest heading.  HTML automatically adds an extra blank line before and after a heading.




Paragraphs are defined with the opening tag <p> tag and closing tag </p>.  HTML automatically adds an extra blank line before and after a paragraph.




<p> A physiological sensation received by the ear is called Sound</p>

<p> Sound is produced when an object vibrates</p>

Line Breaks

The <br> tag is used when you want to end a line, but don’t want to start a new paragraph.  The <br> tag forces a line break wherever you place it.





Horizontal Rule

The <hr> tag inserts horizontal lines in the web page.  The size attributes give thickness to the horizontal ruler value, specified in terms of pixels.  The default horizontal rule is always as wide as the page. With the width attributes, one can specify an exact width in pixel.  With the align attribute, it is possible to specify the horizontal alignment of the rule as right, left, or centre.




<hr size=5 width=800 align=“center” color=“purple”>

Comments in HTML

The comment tag is used to insert a comment in the HTML source code.  A comment will be ignored by the browser.  The comments won’t appear on the screen (on the web page).  Comments must be entered as shown:

<!–This is a comment–>

Character Formatting Tags

HTML Code :

<b>bold</b> = bold

<u>underline</u> = underline

<i>italic</i> = italic

<center>center</center> = center

<p align=“center”>text</p>

<p align=“left”>text</p>

<p align=“right”>text</p>

<p align=“justify”>text</p>


Font is used to apply different font styles and sizes to the text in a web page.  Font element tag is a paired tag.  Font attributes :

  • Size

Is represented as <font size=value>. Its valid values ranges from 1-7 and default size is 3

  • Color

To changes the color of the text that will appear on the screen.

<font color=#FF0000>this is for red color</font>

<font color=red>this is for red color</font>

  • Face

To sets the font face type face that will be used to display the text on the screen.

<font face=“century gothic” size=3 color=“red”> Set the font face to Century Gothic, the font size to 3, and font color to red </font>


Images can be embedded inside the documents using <img> tag.  The <img> tag is empty, which means that it contains only attributes and no closing tag. To display an image on a page, you need to use the scr attribute. Src stands for “source”. The URL points to the location where the image is stored.

 <img src=”url”>

Image’s alignment can be set using the ALIGN-TOP/MIDDLE/BOTTOM/RIGHT /LEFT field.  All browsers support GIF and JPEG file formats for images and either of them can be used.  The border attribute:

– specifies the width of the border around an image.

– The value should be specified in terms of pixels

 <img src=”url” align=”bottom” border=1>

The Alt Attribute is used to define an alternate text for an image.  The value of the Alt Attribute is an author-defined text.

<img src=“colachreachus.gif ” alt=“Reach Us”>

It tells the reader what is missing on a page if the browser cannot load images.  The browser will then display the alternate text instead on the image.


The text that’s placed within this tag can be scrolled in the specified direction.  The direction of scrolling should be specified with the direction attribute.

<marquee direction=right>Welcome to JPS</marquee>

This tag makes the text to scroll from right to left by default

  • Direction attribute: right/left/up/down

<marquee direction=right>Welcome to JPS</marquee>

  • Behavior attribute

This attribute can be set to SCROLL, SLIDE or ALTERNATE. SCROLL means the text will start completely off on one side, scroll all the way across and completely off the screen and then start again. SLIDE means that it will start completely off on one side, scroll in and stop as soon as it touches the other margin.  ALTERNATE means the text will bounce back and forth within the marquee.

<marquee bgcolor=“red” width=293 height=115 behavior=“alternate”> Welcome to JPS</marquee>

So this is how you design HTML. Now you can try it by yourself and create a web page. In the next post of HTML, I will show and tell you about link,list, and table. Hope this post can help you.


HTML (part 1)

Hi hi! So, I learn about HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. My teacher taught me that a website is made up of HTML, so when you see the source of the website, you will see the HTML. HTML  consists of the standard code used to create and display World Wide Web (www) pages. In order to communicate with each other computers use a standard protocol called HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). HTML is a global language or client side programming language. HTML file is a text file containing tags. The tags tell the web browser how to display a page. A HTML file must be saved with the extension htm or html.

The basic requirements to create a HTML page are :

– Notepad or any text editor to type instructions

– Web browser to view the output.


FYI: For the tags, it doesn’t matter if it’s caps lock or not.

Tags are the objects used to arrange text or image in a HTML document. HTML tags can be divided into two types:

– paired tags

– empty tags

Paired Tags

Paired tags have :

– Starting/opening tags

– Ending/closing tags

Example: <head> ….. </head>

NOTE: The difference between opening and closing tag is that closing tag contains a slash (/) before the tag name.

Empty Tags

Empty tags do not have an ending tag.

Example: <br>


– The tags attributes can be provided either to an empty tag or even to paired tag.

– The tag name and the attribute name can be written in either upper or lower case.


To be continued…

My First Blog

Hello! So this is my first time to blog. It’s so exiting. Aku ga pernah punya pengalaman buat bikin blog jadi maaf kalau ada kesalahan kata – kata atau kesalahan apa pun itu. Sebenernya ini tuh tugas ICT (komputer) ku di sekolah. Kita di suruh bikin blog dan mengisi nya dengan sesuatu yang mungkin bisa bermanfaat. Also, I’ll share some of my experience and speaking with 2 languages that will be mixed like this.

First of all, aku mau ngenalin diri aku. Namaku Gavrila Chelsie Lesmana, biasa di panggil Chelsie tapi mau di panggil apa aja boleh kok. Sekarang ini aku baru naik ke kelas 8. Sedikit cerita, di kelas 8 ini aku sekelas sama 2 temenku yang nyebelin. Dua – duanya itu laki – laki dan mereka itu suka jailin orang. Aku tuh kepengen banget ga sekelas sama mereka ya tapi apa jadinya ya malah jadi sekelas sama mereka. Haha… So this is my blog, hope you like it and be useful. Have a nice day!